Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wow, it's been awhile, bet you're all anxious to get a new post from me. yeah, all 2 of you. hee hee
I'm working on making the cat from this pattern book, I was having issues with ribbing there on his little sweater. I finally figured out that they wanted me to K,P, K into one stitch instead of consecutive stitches and it was good to go. I was tickled with myself for not giving up and doing an easier version which is what I wanted to do after frogging it for the 5th time.
I want to finish the cat asap so I can send it to my 11 year old daughter who is at camp for two weeks. I miss her terribly and she's only been gone since Sunday.

My 7 year old girl is totally into making softies now, I'll have to post some pics soon. She made an ant for her daddy for Father's Day and a little rabbit too.

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