Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our 22nd wedding anniversary is next Saturday. Yes, I was a child bride. haha No, but I was only 23, I think of that as pretty young now that I'm an old bag of 45. We were the first of our crowd of friends to take the plunge and we had the big church wedding and all. I only had one attendant, my cousin, who was pregnant at the time. I just saw her son that she was preggo with at the time a few weeks ago, he's been living in Toronto the past couple of years. He's a sweetie and such a grown up man of 21. Yikes, it makes me so sad because his mom was my bestest friend. I've written about her here before. We've become estranged for no apparent reason other than she met a guy and married him after 6 months of knowing him and decided I wasn't necessary in her life anymore. Yeah, I'm bitter and still really heartbroken over it all yet I can't bring myself to just pick up the phone and call her. What would I say anyway?

Ok, wait, this started out as a post about 1986. Here is a list of the top 20
songs from the year I got married:

1. "That's What Friends Are For".....Dionne & Friends
2. "Walk Like An Egyptian".....Bangles
3. "On My Own".....Patti Labelle & Michael McDonald
4. "The Way It Is".....Bruce Hornsby & The Range
5. "You Give Love A Bad Name".....Bon Jovi
6. "Greatest Love Of All".....Whitney Houston
7. "There'll Be Sad Songs".....Billy Ocean
8. "How Will I Know".....Whitney Houston
9. "Kyrie".....Mr. Mister
10. "Kiss".....Prince & The Revolution
11. "The Next Time I Fall".....Peter Cetera & Amy Grant
12. "Burning Heart".....Survivor
13. "Stuck With You".....Huey Lewis & The News
14. "When I Think Of You".....Janet Jackson
15. "Rock Me Amadeus".....Falco
16. "West End Girls".....Pet Shop Boys
17. "Sledgehammer".....Peter Gabriel
18. "Human".....Human League
19. "Sara".....Starship
20. "Higher Love".....Steve Winwood

I don't know about you, but in 1986 I was NOT listening to most of this crapola. Mr. Mister? Huey Lewis? Gross! Hell, we played 'Master and Servant' by Depeche Mode at our reception. I insisted on a DJ because I wasn't going to risk any wedding band breaking out into 'Proud Mary' or 'Celebration' at my wedding reception, thank you very much. We had to supply the DJ with our own records and he probably thought we were the biggest bratty music snobs he ever met, we probably were. I think we did let him play the Hokey Pokey and maybe the Chicken Dance? Luckily there was no Macarena back in the Stone Age so we didn't have to suffer through that one. We weren't that mean to our guests and we threw in some Glenn Miller and other big band stuff for the oldies.

I doubt we'll do anything too special, we didn't even do much for our 20th two years ago. I think we're going up north anyway, maybe we'll go out to dinner. Boy, do I sound like a killjoy or what?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A few things I'm liking very much post:

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Bites. Oh my goodness, these are so so yummy and I can eat just a few and be satisfied. Plus, they are really cute. Yes, I said cute.

The Mentalist on CBS, Tuesday nights. Ok, it stars Simon Baker, who is quite good looking and charming and his character is troubled and flawed, brilliant, has a tragic past, he's very observant and is a former fake psychic, now a cop (or he works with cops, not sure of the specifics) he's trying to atone but his arrogance gets him into trouble. I've taken to watching CSI type shows to get my crime show fix and I just don't like them so when this show came along, I cheered. Yay, a detective show without the annoying CSI cliches. BTW, why are there so many damn CSI shows on tv?

New episodes of The Office starting tonight!

I'm still losing weight, slowly but surely and it is becoming more routine to choose the right things to eat and the right amount.
30 pounds down. I'm down to the weight I was when I got pregnant with Kai and passed a milestone I was aiming for. Yippee!

We found a place for Tess and Kai to play soccer and they both have great coaches.

All the kids are doing activities they enjoy and their schedules have worked out to enable them to do what they like without too much shuffling around for anyone. Thanks to my parents on a couple of days of the week too. I was worried someone would have to cancel something but we didn't have to resort to that so I'm happy.

Ok, that's all for now. Gotta go!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Why do I always end up making rabbits? What the heck is up with that? I need to expand my horizons and get out of this creative rut. The thing about him I like though is, I did not use a pattern and he is not flat, he is 3 dimensional. That's a first for me, so I'm kind of proud, even though he is only a bunny and he doesn't have legs. There are more pictures of him at my Flickr account if you care to see. It just took me 3 tries to spell "are", wow.

So another first for me happened this week and it is rather embarrassing to admit but I made every single meal that my family has eaten so far this week, that has never happened before. I know! I'm a stay at home parent, I should be cooking all the time, right? well, I don't! I didn't! I probably won't start doing it now but I think I can say with confidence I will cook the majority of our meals at home from now on. Yes, I should have been doing that all along. Dang, it sure does save a lot of money. Duh...
Boy, I come across really smart in this post today don't I? Oh, and I baked a ton too. I think I'm getting into a groove with this kids in school all day thing.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Look out, I'm feeling ranty today!

Never again pick Thursday to go out to coffee with your friends. Damn poetry night!

To my little boy, I love you to pieces but you could have let your sister put you to bed last night instead of making me come home early to do it because you were giving her troubles.

I'm already sick of going to the vet for the followup appointments for the rabbit's broken leg due to her own spaziness. Yes, we love her but $250 later and 3 trips to Ann Arbor with more to come and I'm over it.

Stop losing the internet connection, you stupid laptop!

Damn my rinky dink town for not having soccer this year because the field they usually use will be down for some kind of maintenance. Um, we have other fields in town for goodness sakes.

Also, what is up with not having any recreation opportunities for the kids of the city and not hiring another recreation director in a timely fashion when the good one left, you suck!

Oldest daughter, stop telling me I'm freaking out when I disagree with you in a calm fashion.

Other parents in the school parking lot, slow the hell down!!!