Wednesday, July 05, 2006

We're home from up north, we had a wonderful holiday. Yesterday we rode on the Pere-Marquette Rail to Trail. David had Tess on the tandem and Kai was on the bike seat with them. I was free and easy. We started off at the trailhead in Coleman and for 3 miles, all Kai would do was whine about getting ice cream. We finally arrived in Loomis and saw they had a little play structure at their rest stop so we decided to let the kids play. There happened to be two boys playing there also and David asked them if there was any place in town where we could get ice cream. Well, there was a party store just over a hill. We rode over and not only did they have ice cream, but they had freshly made sandwiches and even string cheese for the kids. So we had lunch and dessert and headed off for Clare. Then we turned around again and went to a place called the Herrick Recreation Area. It was a little lake with a sandy beach, a huge playground, a campsite and indoor plumbing. What a good find! We hung out there for a while and then took the long ride back. I was really tired at that point and was thankful we were riding with the wind. We ended up riding for 20 miles total, I love cycling the rail to trails because they are relatively flat. Hills are murder on this out of shape body of mine. The only thing that would have made yesterday perfect was if Lydia had been there. I miss her so much. Only 2 1/2 more days until I go get her at camp!

I finished the Elephant from the Animal Friends book while I was gone, he is gray with a green and pumpkin striped sweater. His ears came out odd, but he's a cutie. Tess made two owl stuffies also. I taught her to sew on my mom's old, old Singer. She picked it up right away, she was following the curves and keeping her seam allowances straight. I think she's a natural. My mom couldn't remember how old I was when she taught me to sew, but I'm sure I was older than Tess. I am really proud of her.

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