Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Getting more personal that I usually do here, but what the heck, I have like 4 readers? LOL
Went out with the kids to visit some friends today. I've been feeling blue and this perked me right up. It's amazing how therapuetic a bit of baby holding, watching your kids play with friends they haven't seen in a while and catching up with your own good friend can be. Why do they have to live an hour away?

Can anyone tell me what a 7th grade art teacher bases her students grades on? Lydia chose art as an elective this year over chorus. She is very creative, finishes all her projects on time and does all the requirements, yet she got a B- this term. I am not hung up on grades at all, but Lydia was really shocked at getting this grade in her favorite class and is kind of disappointed.
It's 7th grade, not art school! I would think if you finished your assignments within the time period, showed interest in the subject and behaved in class, you would get the best grade. She always got As from this same teacher last year, I wonder what happens when you hit the magic 7th grade level. Oh well, I just happen to think she's very talented and creative but I am her mama after all. I told Lydia that grades really don't matter in the long run, especially if you enjoy what you are doing.
My parents were always disappointed if I ever got less than an A in any subject and I don't want to be that way with my children.

BTW, this baby I got to hold today is impossibly cute and sweet and her smile will melt your heart. She has blended into her family like she was always meant to be with them. It's a beautiful sight. *sniff*

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Nicki said...

Why is this just now popping into my bloglines?! How weird. Anyway you are so sweet! We had fun too! It was so nice to see Noah and Kai playing together. And my poor socially deprived boys were very thankful, as was my socially deprived self :-)

That is ridiculous about the grade. I don't get it. At all. All I can wonder, from Tony's kids' past experiences, is if they did some aspect of art that totally disinterests her (like art history or still life or something) and it isn't her forte. There are so many kinds of art - it is crazy to think that even the most talented artist in the world is good at them all, kwim? But maybe I'm wrong. I would actually call the teacher just to ask, just to ease my own mind about it. Maybe there was a mistake? I would not be at all surprised if the grade changes entirely next semester based on the changing curriculum though.

And also you are such a good Mom for reassuring her.