Thursday, March 08, 2007

My new work area, I am so happy that I *finally* have one area where I can store my tons of supplies and work on my many crafty pursuits. The taple top and shelves it rests on are from Ikea as is the groovy green storage cart (on wheels) and the stool. Note that they both conveniently fit under the table when not in use.

Our house was built in 1929, a bungalow of sorts with an unfinished attic when we bought it. My husband finished the attic and we cut out part of it to have a loft area and get more light into the house. This left the upstairs as one big room and we have slowly been turning it into a more functional living space. We're gettin' there. :-)

The last pic is one the little man took, I was instructed to "look like a goofball".


Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling us about this one! Look at all the fab stuff I have been missing! You are a talented crafting goddess!!!!!The craft space looks really cool and bright!

Leslie said...

YAY for you! It's always nice to have "a space" of any sort :-) IKEA rocks!
Look at you look adorable. You need to post pictures more often :-)