Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We went up north for Easter and spent the whole week afterward there at my parent's cottage. My husband took the week off, it was a lovely time. The girls and I were very crafty with polymer clay, I finished the Lucy bag I had been knitting for months and the Boy and his daddy had a lot of male-bonding. LOL

Check out this photo of the annual Easter Egg hunt at the town's historical village. Yep, sneakers in the snow, no gloves and the Easter Bunny looms creepily in the backround. We take good care of our youngin's 'round here. LOL

But really, they all had a great time, even though mama forgot to pack the snow boots and snow pants.
Dang Michigan weather, it's supposed to be spring!


Leslie said...

I am going to have nightmares about that Easter Bunny!!!! That is a seriously spooky picture LOL. Eeeeeeek! Glad you had a great trip :-)

Nicki said...

That picture is PERFECT!!!!!