Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I saw a trailer for the new Ironman movie that comes out next year, I am not really a fan of comic book character
movies but this looked really cool. I'm not sure how to link so sorry, you'll have to go look it up. What surprised me about it is the leading man is Robert Downey Jr. and he looks kinda hot in the movie. HUH? I like his acting but I've never found him attractive. Maybe it was the Black Sabbath song playing in the trailer that got to me? LOL
Oh, and Gwyneth Paltrow appears to be in this movie too? I'm not familiar with the Ironman story so I have nothing to expect from the movie but I think I may actually go to see this in the theater when it comes out in May. So unlike me....

In other news, the little man started preschool yesterday and he absolutely loved his first day. He walked in the class with
confidence and is totally ready for school. Compared to the way he felt about preschool last year, this is a huge deal and
we are so proud of him. I am weepy about it, of course. Every milestone this poor kid hits is so hard on me, since he's the baby and every single one is the last. Oh well, I've gotta become more me and not only the "mama", right?

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Anonymous said...

I know! Addy is officially "kindergarden" age and its freaking me out too!What happened to our babies?