Tuesday, November 11, 2008

er, hi, just a Pumpkin Pal here, see me over there? It's November 11th? Oh great, what am I doing here? Aren't people blogging about Thanksgiving and Christmas now? No wonder she wants me to do this today, she's ashamed to be blogging about a jack o' lantern softie 11 days after Halloween so she sends the poor innocent orange guy to do it. Is it my fault that she took so long to crochet me? That she wasted countless hours watching bad horror movies on tv during October when she should have been making my legs and arms instead? BTW, I feel like I should be going to Jazzercise class with these things. What's with the stripes? Oh, now she says I'm complaining too much and should be grateful for my existence. Well, thank you very much Dr. Frankenstein, I'll be sure to think of you at my next dental appointment. Get a load of those teeth!


Michelle R said...

Well I think your adorable! And I love your stripy jazzercise pants. And I think she did a great job on you!!

Special K said...

He's so CUTE!!!!!! And what a personality too. ;-D