Monday, May 22, 2006

Today is feel sorry for myself day:

1. The 3 year old and I went to a birthday party today and we only stayed about 20 minutes because my usually sweet natured son had a gigantic meltdown and I just decided we had to leave. We didn't even get cake.

2. I have lost 23 pounds since the last time I saw many of the other mamas at the birthday party and not one person noticed.

3. I have started my first project knitting lace and I have had to frog it 5 times already because I keep losing track. I feel senile.

4. My hair is still not long enough to donate to Locks of Love and I am thisclose to getting it cut anyway. I cannot stand having long hair.

5. Speaking of my hair, I think mine is thinning a bit. eeek....

Well, I can only come up with 5 gripes, guess things aren't so bad in the scheme of things.

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