Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We sold the bike seat and I find myself so sad about it. That bike seat has held all 3 of our children on several different bikes and many, many memorable family bike rides. Our littlest is now 4 and 1/2 and just too big for it, so we decided that now is the time. There will be no more babies of ours to ride in that seat and kick us while we pedal to the park or the Pere Marquette trail we love so much. No more babies to wriggle their feet out of the straps, causing whoever is cycling to come to an abrupt halt and fix those feet before they get hurt. We've been reaching so many of these kinds of 'last baby' moments lately, the last 2 times I had a four year old, I also had a newborn. No wonder I am so reluctant to let this boy of mine grow up too fast, I indulge him and his whims way more than I did with the girls. So true is the stereotype of the baby in our family, he is charming and gets his way more often than not.

So now he'll be pulled in the bike trailer until he can ride on a bike himself, and then I'll be writing another post about how we sold the Burley and how sad I am to see it go. Life goes on


Nicki said...

Ouch! I've been in that mode so long that I am finding myself having the opposite problem. I am looking at years more of new babies and all I want to do is get rid of everything! crazy.

Dawn said...

Awwwww... I've given away almost all of the baby stuff, and I can't believe mine are almost 5 and 6! :x Sometimes I have panic attacks thinking, "No more babies!? Really?!" :)