Thursday, July 12, 2007

My baby girl turns 9 tomorrow. I love her madly yet she exasperates me like no other. She's creative, funny, generous, helpful, affectionate and talented. This is the child who will spend 3 days making a stuffie cat for her mama's birthday even though it was pretty hard and she got frustrated. She helps the younger kids in her mixed ages class, she plays with her little brother endlessly and still loves to cuddle with her precious blankie.
Happy Birthday my darling girl!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is a great girl,just like her mama!!


Ms. Anne Thropic said...

Happy Birthday, T! M had a great time the other night. I love that pic of T eating cake.


louise said...

Wow! Look how grown up (and beautiful!) she is! :)