Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What I'm obsessed with these days:

1. The Office (US version)
I just started watching this show regularly this season. It is just so damn hilarious. I love all the cringe worthy Michael moments, Dwight's nuttiness. But what has me right now is the whole Jim and Pam saga, I am such a sucker for the unrequited love. The fact that the actor that plays Jim is really cute helps too.

2. Death Cab For Cutie
Ok, I am late to the party on this group but I am really into their latest 2 cds. My current repeat play is 'Someday You Will Be Loved'

You'll be loved you'll be loved
Like you never have known
The memories of me
Will seem more like bad dreams
Just a series of blurs
Like I never occurred
Someday you will be loved

It reminds me of my first serious boyfriend, he should have told me this. It would have saved me plenty of grief. Dork...

3. Amigurumi
These are so freakin' cute! But alas I am crochet challenged and have yet to master how to make these adorable little creatures. I can do all the basic crochet stitches (is that what they call them?) but when it comes to reading patterns I am a total moron. Picture me sitting in the corner complete with dunce cap.

4. Swap-Bot
The love continues. I have pared down the amount of swaps I joined for the summer but I still lurk about the site, reading the forums, checking out profiles of swappers and reading all the swap descriptions.

So how about you, my half dozen or so readers? What are you into right now?


Nicki said...

That's a good well-rounded list! Let's work on some amigurumi together up north!

Here's my list:
1) HBO series, all of them but esp Big Love and John From Cincinatti.
2) Buying baby girl clothes
3) Swimming
4) Web programming
5) Photoshop and photography, no matter how bad I suck

Anonymous said...

I want Jim and Pam together!!!!

I am into my usual stuff: taking intutive classes,photography,working on a painting,planning classes I will be teaching in the fall...

Brownievanmorrison from xanga(as if you know another brownievanmorrison!)

Dawn said...

Funny, I can crochet like crazy, but I can't knit. :)

I'm into Bookmooch lately (