Monday, October 15, 2007

His birthday isn't until tomorrow but I won't have time to post because we have a big day planned for the little man.
5 years ago tonight I was wondering when this baby was going to make an entrance to the world. My due date was Oct. 4th and still no signs of labor on October 15th! I was cursing my mother in law because when she found out I was due in October she proclaimed how nice it would be if the baby shared her and her fathers birthday or Oct. 17th. Hello?! That was almost 2 weeks after my due date! Well, he decided he wasn't going to share his birthday with anyone and I went into labor at 2am on the 16th. He was born 2 hours later, my midwife got here just as he was crowning and he came out screaming his little head off and he was so chunky and had a head full of hair (just like his big sisters) and was so cute and eeek.... A boy?! I have a boy?

My husband and I decided we wanted to be surprised and didn't find out the baby's sex. I didn't have an ultrasound anyway, but towards the end I had a feeling I was carrying a boy and I was terrified. What was I going to do with a boy? I already had 2 girls and was worried that I would not know how to be a mama to a boy. Seems so silly now.

I had to talk my husband into having a 3rd child, it took a lot of convincing and then it took even longer to conceive the baby. I look into my boy's big brown eyes and I can't even imagine him not being a part of our family. He is my last baby and the only one to be born at home, he's part of one of the proudest moments of my life.

So happy birthday my wonderful boy, I love you and your silliness and your sweetness and even your stubborn streak makes me smile.


Nicki said...

Sniff - happy birthday K~! Noah still calls you his best friend and talks about all the fun you two had together this summer all the time!! I wish we could be there to help you ring in 5 years!!! Happy Last Baby Day to you, mama. I love you guys!

~*Country Dawn*~ said...

OMG I can't believe he's 5! Time flies so fast!!

Happy Birthday!

randomsugarwords said...

Happy Birthday Kaiser !!!!!!!!!