Monday, December 03, 2007

Well, for once I am ahead of the game for Christmas. Oldest girl and I spent most of Sunday clearing out the clutter so we could start decorating. I bought the Chocolate Advent calendars for each of the 3 kiddos. Usually I don't get those until the middle of December, I am such a procratinator. I decided I wasn't even going to try making an Advent calendar this year since I didn't even start thinking about it until November 27th. See, what I said about procrastinating?

I did make a few things, I found a tutorial on how to make fabric trees here: and they were so cute and easy that I made 5. You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see the other 2 because I haven't found the perfect spot for them yet. They are slightly different than these. By the way, the little house is a vintage cottage I found at a thrift shop for a buck. I just love it and would die for more but all the ones I've seen since I bought this one have been horribly expensive. Even the reproduction houses, feh.

I decided I was going to try to post at least one completed holiday project for each day leading up to Christmas. I'm only 2 days late. Really, for me, that's not so bad.


Stepping On Legos said...

First of all YAY that you are on the holiday bandwagon. I was goign to be seriously depressed to see no Jane Goodness from you!! Those trees are AWESOME! I dont' think I have enough cute fabric to make some. Maybe I can make some out of paper? Do you think it would work?

I can't wait to see your projects!!!!

Country Dawn said...

Thankfully the kids made homemade advent calendars at school... I never remember! :x

Miranda said...

Those trees are adorable. We don't decorate until the weekend until Christmas and I *never* have time make stuff.

I may just have to find some remnants and figure out to use my sewing machine to make these, they are that cute. :)