Thursday, September 25, 2008

A few things I'm liking very much post:

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Bites. Oh my goodness, these are so so yummy and I can eat just a few and be satisfied. Plus, they are really cute. Yes, I said cute.

The Mentalist on CBS, Tuesday nights. Ok, it stars Simon Baker, who is quite good looking and charming and his character is troubled and flawed, brilliant, has a tragic past, he's very observant and is a former fake psychic, now a cop (or he works with cops, not sure of the specifics) he's trying to atone but his arrogance gets him into trouble. I've taken to watching CSI type shows to get my crime show fix and I just don't like them so when this show came along, I cheered. Yay, a detective show without the annoying CSI cliches. BTW, why are there so many damn CSI shows on tv?

New episodes of The Office starting tonight!

I'm still losing weight, slowly but surely and it is becoming more routine to choose the right things to eat and the right amount.
30 pounds down. I'm down to the weight I was when I got pregnant with Kai and passed a milestone I was aiming for. Yippee!

We found a place for Tess and Kai to play soccer and they both have great coaches.

All the kids are doing activities they enjoy and their schedules have worked out to enable them to do what they like without too much shuffling around for anyone. Thanks to my parents on a couple of days of the week too. I was worried someone would have to cancel something but we didn't have to resort to that so I'm happy.

Ok, that's all for now. Gotta go!


Leslie said...

Aw I love this post!
30 lbs???????? WAY TO GO!!!!
Post some pix mama!

Nicki said...

OMG pre-Kai weight? You are a total inspiration. So do you think i could do it too? CONGRATS! It is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So glad about the rest too!! heehee