Friday, September 05, 2008

Look out, I'm feeling ranty today!

Never again pick Thursday to go out to coffee with your friends. Damn poetry night!

To my little boy, I love you to pieces but you could have let your sister put you to bed last night instead of making me come home early to do it because you were giving her troubles.

I'm already sick of going to the vet for the followup appointments for the rabbit's broken leg due to her own spaziness. Yes, we love her but $250 later and 3 trips to Ann Arbor with more to come and I'm over it.

Stop losing the internet connection, you stupid laptop!

Damn my rinky dink town for not having soccer this year because the field they usually use will be down for some kind of maintenance. Um, we have other fields in town for goodness sakes.

Also, what is up with not having any recreation opportunities for the kids of the city and not hiring another recreation director in a timely fashion when the good one left, you suck!

Oldest daughter, stop telling me I'm freaking out when I disagree with you in a calm fashion.

Other parents in the school parking lot, slow the hell down!!!


Michelle R said...

I agree about Thursday's. Next time, Friday and let's pick a place that is open past 830. Maybe Bahamama Breeze ???
oh, I forgot to ask you about your Bun last night! Yikes, what a tough situation!
Nice rant blog, some days we just need to do what we need to do.
Let's plan another MNO soon :)

Leslie said...

YAY I LOVE when you rant :-)
Let it out!!!!

Nicki said...

Heehee - it only happens like once every year or two but I LOVE it when you're all feisty!!!

My software is ordered!!!!!!