Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh, October is almost half over and I have not even blogged once yet. Do you care? haha
Well, we are fine here. Soccer is almost over already, they get it done with quickly in this new town, apparently. The boy's team is doing well and the girl's team is improving and I am really proud of both of them. Watching the kindergarten team is hilarious the way all the kids follow the ball around wear ever it goes. Kai is not afraid to get right in there and has scored several goals this season, he gets annoyed that he is not the best on the team. Give me a break, kid. Tess was really nervous about getting too close to the ball at first but she has really pushed herself in the past few games and even made an assist that got them a rare goal in their last game.

Lydia had her first big cross country meet last Saturday, there were about 25 schools competing, it appeared to be a pretty serious deal for the bigger school who had large teams with uniforms and their own tents and everything. As opposed to Lydia's little rag tag school, who had sort of a Bad News Bear's vibe without the pot smoking, swearing kids or drunk coach aspect. So, they came in close to last, wow, some of those first place kids are serious runners, it was pretty cool to see how fast some of them were. I think Lydia had fun, she is really not into competing, so the fact that she even did this was impressive to me anyway. David and I wanted her to get on a team in high school for at last one trimester and she may even get a letter, woo woo. I think it's kinda cool as I never did any sports whatsoever in school. She probably won't do it again next year but she still figure skates which takes up a lot of her time anyway.

Well, what have I been up to besides driving kids around, grocery shopping, worrying about that dang rabbit and her broken leg (yes, the saga continues) and not blogging? It seems to be a whole lotta nuthin'. I am slowly getting rid of clutter but it is taking forever, I've been doing a little crochet and made a weird pirate guy and am working on a pumpkin companion for him.


Michelle R said...

yes, I care!! it's good to hear an update!!

Leslie said...

Um, I care dangit :-)
Thanks for updating for us who need to live vicariously through your beautiful family!