Monday, December 08, 2008

Isn't he cute? A hedgehog pincushion! I made it today for Tess for Christmas, I know she'll love him and that she'll finally stop using my pin cushion which in turn will mean she'll stop misplacing my pin cushion. We both win! Got the pattern here. Well, actually, I was lead to the pattern from this awesome website called One Pretty Thing , just try and tell me you can't find something to make for someone on your gift list on their Handmade Christmas roundups. Whew!

Ok, I had much more to write but I have to get the kids at school and hide the hedgie! I should write about how my break was good, we went to the parade, it was cold. We went to Disney Wolrd, it was fun. We drove! We survived, we still like each other. The Mouse knows how to do up Christmas (of course!) and oh I have tons of pictures to share. Check my Flickr soon if I don't post 'em here.

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