Thursday, December 18, 2008

I am so behind! I tried to blame it on the snow and Kaiser being home sick from school yesterday (he's better now) but no, it's just me. I am a procrastinator and I'm slow, that does not make a great getting things done combo.

Things that are done:
3/4s of the Christmas cookies.
A few handmade ornaments the kids are giving to my mom.

Things that need to be done:
Make fudge
Make the rest of the Christmas cookies
Finish the handmade ornaments
Finish the book bag sets I'm making for Tess, Kai and my niece.
Finish decorating the house ( I know, it's the 18th!)
Take the kids to Fantasyland to see Santa
Shopping, shopping, shopping

Things I've given up on doing as I think it really is too late:
Taking a photo for Christmas cards
Sending Christmas cards to anyone but immediate family (sorry friends!)
Going to Holiday Nights at Greenfield Village, they are usually sold out by now

Ok, must get off my bum, they are predicting a huge snowstorm coming our way and that will mess up my already pathetic plans. BTW, I fixed the comments setting so anyone can make comments now. I have no idea why I had it set to only members of this blog may comment.

1 comment:

Michelle R said...

yay, my voice can be heard again ;) lol!!

good for you for being able to know what you really can do and can't. it's a gift I don't think most people have.

I have done no cookies this year :( no cookie exchange either.

almost no Christmas crafting with the kids. nearly no homeschooling. just getting though day to day life has been enough!