Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm starting to get frustrated with my weight loss, I gained .4 pounds at my last weigh in and I have just not been sticking to the program like I should. I'm not even going overboard but it seems like if I don't stick to the points precisely then I won't have a loss for the week. I'm beginning to think I won't reach my 10% goal by my birthday in July and I'm really annoyed with myself about that. It's just food, dammit! Why am I so caught up in what I'm going to eat? It should not matter that much. UGH!

Our weekend was fun, we almost ended up not going because my dad was having some health issues but he turned out to be fine and we went up on Saturday morning. The Man put the dock in the water and made a fire pit, but he didn't have time to put his Hobie in this time. Not sure when we'll be going back. We met up with our friends for some fishing at the river. I was dismayed by the huge of amount of mosquitos. If they are this bad already then I can only imagine how hideous they will be in the middle of the summer. Poor little boy got attacked all over his face and ears.

Middle girl and her daddy are going on a class field trip to Higgins Lake and Mackinac Island next week, she is so excited about it. I went on this same trip with oldest girl two years ago and it was really fun. I liked being able to hang out with her friends and teachers in a setting outside of school. This turned out to be quite a dull blog, I mostly wanted to vent about my lack of weight loss and frustration at being a slave to food.

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Nicki said...

I am having similar struggles with exercise. I have little motivation and don't lose weight at all from it and don't feel all that great so what's left to motivate me aside from the "theory" of better health and that's often not enough.

I also hate that food is such a big deal. I wish I could literally just never think about it or care. My biggest fear is that I'll have to do something drastic like low carb which I know is so unhealthy for me but trying to do it the healthy way may not be enough anymore :(