Friday, May 02, 2008

Just a quickie today since I have not posted in awhile. Were you worried?
I am still plugging away at Weight Watchers, have lost 13 pounds so far. This is good, yeah, but it is not enough yet for people to notice that I'm losing. But really, I don't think I want to hear how "great" I look because I lost weight. Because I was so hideous before? Thanks....

The little man has started T-Ball and seems to like it so far. He is very tentative right now and doesn't run very fast to first base so he has been out a few times. Luckily, he is fine with that. I was worried he'd get all offended as he takes things very personally sometimes. Yesterday we went to see a play with some friends. As we were getting ready to go, he decided he wanted to wear different shoes on each foot. Both pairs are similar in style and he thought it was funny. Well, when we got to the theater and her saw all the school groups going in, he got all nervous and said that the kids were going to make fun of his shoes. Poor little guy, 5 is too young to care about what people think of you. I wonder if that's just his personality or if he picked something up from kids at school or us or did I do something? Why do I start blaming myself? That's a whole other issue I don't feel like getting into right now.

Middle girl had her piano recital on Sunday, we are so happy that she is still playing the piano and that she still enjoys it and doesn't think of practicing as a chore. The other day I was comparing (in my head) how my two girls handled the big transition from 3rd to 4th grade. It is a huge change, they get a new teacher after having the same one since 1st grade. The workload changes and they are expected to be more organized and responsible for their work. Both of them struggled with organization and getting overwhelmed, we helped them and things turned around by the middle of the school year. The one difference I can see between them is when it comes to projects, like book reports. Oldest girl was very dependent on us for help with choosing what to, how to do it and I admit, we probably helped her way more than we should have. Younger girl is the complete opposite, she asks for no help, in fact, she doesn't want it and gets offended if you offer too much assistance. She gets right down to business. For instance, she did a report from a silly book she has about Ugly Dolls and wanted to make a diorama of Ugly Doll city. She found the shoebox, made a background and sculpted mini Ugly Dolls out of polymer clay. She allowed me to cover the outside of the box with butcher paper because she was having a lot of trouble but aside from that, it was a solo project. Her projects don't come out as polished as her older sisters but they are definitely hers. I kind of wish we hadn't helped older girl so much when I see how proud her sister is of herself when she completes a project.
Ah well, I don't think we screwed up our oldest too much.

Speaking of our oldest (like that segue), we found out this week that she got into our second choice charter school. We are all so happy! I was ready and totally willing to home school her but I was terrified of actually doing it, I just don't have the confidence in myself nor the discipline. I'm sure I could have pushed myself and it would have worked, but I'm still relieved.
You know what is the dumbest? My biggest worry was what my parents would say/think if we ended up home schooling her. Will I ever grow up? Good grief!

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Michelle R said...

I love these catch up posts! It's almost like having lunch and chatting!!

I'm sure that he was just more aware of how he looks to others, I seriously don't think it's anything you did to him!

I'm so happy about the school!! What a relief to have that done with!

Funny about the girls being so opposite with the reports. She must have picked up a thing or two from watching you work with her sis, that's all.

Can't wait to see you again!!