Friday, May 30, 2008

Looky, looky! See the cool photo edge? I did that! This took me 30 minutes to do, no lie, but I figured it out without my husband sitting right next to me. Yes, I'm sure it is fundamental to all you Photoshop people out there, but for me, even with an online tutorial, it is a big deal to do this on my own. Now I know how to group layers and make an elemask. I'm way too excited about this. Ok, I'm off to make more edges. woo hoo!

edited to add: The term elemask was apparently named by the person who created the tutorial and is not a "real" PS term.


Nicki said...

first of all cute picture! Was this from this past weekend?! The water must have been freezing!!

second, what is an elemask? I think once you figure out the layers bit, the rest is relatively easy. But I have no idea what an elemask is so maybe you are way beyond me! Have you done any of the Pioneer Woman's photography tutorials? Those are fun!

Jane said...

yeah, the water was pretty cold but not as cold as I thought it would be. You know how these Michigan kids are, they'll go in water whenever they get the chance. I'll email you about the Photoshop stuff.