Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ooh, spooky.
Here we are in the Delaware MIne on the self guided tour, like I said in an earlier post, Lydia was none too thrilled about going underground but she toughed it out for us. So we were about 100 feet underground on the first of 9 levels, the rest of the lower levels are now flooded so needless to say no one goes down there anymore. It was very cold and damp and dark, of course and every once in awhile, Kai would get all paranoid and grab us. Silly boy. It was a cool experience, I'm glad we did it.


Nicki said...

They are scary! Noah had his one and only real anxiety attach in a mine a few months ago! He thought he was going to throw up and pass out. It was really freaky! we had to take him out and let him rest and then he was good as new.

Those are awesome, but spooky, pictures!!

Leslie said...

Yikes that looks spooky! We have some big caves and mines here and Mason loved them. I would have a major panic attack!!!
Hugs and glad ya'll had fun :-)

Michelle R said...

wow, looks like so much fun!!