Sunday, January 11, 2009

Found this cool website that can turn your pictures into Tilt-shift miniature style photos. It is so fun to play with. I didn't have time to search my iPhoto library for a perfect picture to use but I think this one demonstrates the idea pretty well. I think I might start taking photos in a certain way just so I can use this cool application.

Neat, huh? It really does look like a miniature scene now.

I planned on blogging about our wonderful holidays and I may get around to it, complete with photos, but then again I may not. We had a great Christmas and we spent New Year's Eve up at the cottage, it was really fun for just the 5 of us to get away.
I didn't want to come home but we had our annual White Elephant party to host so we had to get back to reality. That party was a blast as usual. We get to see friends that we pretty much only see once or twice a year, we make our pledges to get together more often throughout the year but that just doesn't seem to happen. Ok, I don't want to end on a downer. We did manage to not get stuck with the worst gifts and I made sure each guest left with their heinous objects. I have to be strict or else we end up with all sorts of crap hidden in our house. One year, we found a mini JFK bust, a not so miniature Indian Chief bust, a scary stuffed Harlequin music box and a flute playing bottle left from our grateful guests. Ingrates! hee hee

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Michelle R said...

Sounds like fun!

Love the mini scenes!