Thursday, August 21, 2008

I swear we are doing much more than viewing waterfalls and walking through cemeteries but a cemetery is what I have for you today. We were driving out of Copper Harbor yesterday on our way to Silver City and I saw this itty bitty sign that said 'Cliff Cemetery' so I turned off and we all trudged out of the car. This was not your ordinary cemetery location, there was no fence, no driveways leading you through the well manicured lawns. Instead, there was a small walking trail directly off the road leading into the woods. The overgrown, taken back by nature woods. We started walking on this tiny trail and did not see anything but trees and underbrush. Finally after about 200 feet, there was a broken gravestone laying on the side of the trail. Very sad, we kept going and saw the occasional gravestone off to the side almost buried beneath the weeds and wildflowers, then we got to what appears to have been the main section of the cemetery. They had wisely planted some kind of ground cover so the woods could not take over as they did on the outskirts of the cemetery. There were several gravestones standing and off to the side there were the ruins of what may have been a church. But we're not sure. I don't know what it is about old cemeteries that I find so intriguing, but I read the inscriptions and get very emotional. Anyway, I took these and I tried to convey the sense of peace among the wildness that was all around. The last photo gives you an idea of the size of the trail.


Anonymous said...

I prefer that cemetary to most, it is very peaceful.


Leslie said...

Ohh I love cemetaries. Great photos!

Michelle R said...

I love old cemeteries as well :)
great shots!
loving the updates!