Friday, August 01, 2008

5 things I am hating right now.

1) Seeing myself in photos and thinking I look enormous even after losing 26 pounds. I still have such a long long way to go and that discourages me a ton.

2) The fact that my sweet little 5 year old is not being as cuddly and loving with me as he usually is. I miss my baby!

3) My damn eyes, which appear to be needing bifocals soon. UGH!

4) Gas prices that never stay the same for more than a day.

5) My hair! It's too long and dried out looking and thinning on the top. My hair is thinning!!! What is up with that? Hello, I am not that old yet. wah!

To end on a more positive note.
5 things I am loving right now.

1) Summer! My kids are all home, my husband doesn't have too work overtime as much and we spend so much time together.

2) My husband who spent all last week landscaping our front yard. For years, all that has been there are mounds of dirt and humongous weeds. Well, now there is slate and plants from our backyard like the hosta and the lilies and new ones like lavender, sage and coneflowers and a sweet Japanese Maple tree. The best thing about it? He did all this work last week while the kids and I were up north and didn't say a word about to me when he was with us last weekend, So we drove up Tuesday to what looks like a totally different house. To say it looked trashy before is an understatement. Now it looks lovely and well taken care of and I admit, I cried when I first saw it.

3) My adorable children. My oldest Lydia who is so brave and adventurous. She went on her hiking/backpacking trip in Pennsylvania without knowing anyone and had a great time. It was very rustic and they hiked a lot (17 miles one of the days), I'm so proud of her. My little girl Tess who has such a good heart and can love so much and isn't shy in showing it. Then there's my baby boy (I know, 5 is not a baby to most people) who is so hilarious and has such a sophisticated sense of humor. Sure, he can laugh at a good potty mouth joke with the best of 'em but he can also come up with these jokes that take a few steps of thinking instead of going straight for the obvious. Of course, my mind is blanking on examples right now.

4) My online photography class. Yes, I'm mentioning it again. It is informative, the community is supportive and the teacher is awesome.

5) Project Runway is back!! But can someone please tell "Suede" that taking about yourself in the third person does not make you cool. It makes you a douche. Jane thinks you are annoying, Suede. Jane liked your dress in the second challenge but thinks you need to tone it down. Jane has to go now. Jane is going to get slapped if she keeps this up.


muriel said...

This is a great blog entry. It made my day. The way you describes things is very authentic, so I can relate, but it is different enough from my life that I keep wondering what will happen next. Brava!

I wish I still had cable so I could watch Project Runway, it is a good show.

Tell me more about this online photography class. It sounds like something I would like to do, too!

Michelle R said...

love this one :) I so ment to talk to you about PR the other night! Michelle is loving this season ;)

randomsugarwords said...

Say no to bifocals, get reading glasses instead. I got sooo motion sick with bifocals last year (yea, I am THAT old) xoxo