Thursday, January 22, 2009

I made these Amigurumi froggies for the kids for Valentines Day. I was debating about making them different colors so they would know which frog was theirs but I had a lot of this green yarn, so here they are, standard green frogs. In order to differentiate between them and tie them into the holiday, I sewed little heart patches on their bums with the initial of each kid. The patten is from the Lion Brand site, they have so many Amigurumi patterns that are adorable. In addition to the frogs, I'm also making 3 little turtles. I have decided those are going to be different colors. One yellow, one blue and one either purple or mixed, I have to see what's in my stash.

Tess and Kai's piano recital is this Sunday, they get to play a song together. I am so excited about seeing them up there. He's playing a song called Jackson Blues, which is 3 very simple Blues chords while Tess does what their teacher calls "noodling", which she explains as a sort of Blues-ey improvisational thing. I know, the Blues? As their daddy says, "What do these kids know about the blues?". They must know something because it sounds great to this biased mama's ears.


heidi said...

super cute!! OMG!

Nicki said...

first those frogs are ADORABLE!! you are just the best mama.

Second, can you please take and upload video of the song they do together? I *Really* want to see it and would come if I was in Michigan. Please share!!!!

Michelle R said...

Skye says 'those frogs cute!' and I agree! They are so cute! You are so talented! And I love how confident you are with your project. Your kids are so lucky to have such a creative mama!

I'm excited to hear about the recital. How did we not get to talk about this last night? I talk too much, don't I? Sorry! I'm sure it will be a proud mama moment for sure! Have fun and give extra claps for me!