Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One of my projects for Christmas that did get completed was making book bags for my kids and our niece in Seattle. I found this wonderful and cute download from Kitschy Digitals called the Woodland Book Lovers Kit. It came with downloads for a reading log, book plates, book marks and iron ons to add to a book bag and you could personalize them all in Photoshop. The blog showed several ways that her readers had used the kit and pretty much all the ideas I used were from them. I love the way they came out. I ended up making just 3 bags with different colored pockets for each child, they all got the supplies. No reading log for the teen, however, she's out of that stage. I also didn't make her a book bag because I was worried she would think it was too babyish or tween-ish so I bought a really cool Converse canvas tote (try saying that 3 times fast) and ironed on small pockets with the little deer on them so it would tie in with the book marks and book plates. They were a hit with all 4, it made me happy. You never know how gifts like that are going to go over. Don't you the love the gnome stuffie pin? Another awesome idea from the Kitschy Digital readers. There are a few more images of the set at Flickr .


Nicki said...

OMG noah would LOVE that, don't you think? I have to make one now for his birthday! Did they take long?

Michelle R said...

I love them :)