Friday, January 23, 2009


We have been getting so much snow this winter. Normally I complain about it but I have really been enjoying it this time, maybe because there has been so much that we haven't had the nasty brown ugly version because we keep getting new snow. Anyway, David has taken the kids sledding twice which is exactly two times more than last year. Like I said, there has hardly been any snow the last few years. My dear friend Nicki is a former Michigan resident now living in Texas and she asked me for some snow pictures so here they are. I don't have any oh so pretty ones, but I like these sledding shots very much.

This awesome toboggan was given to David by a older guy he talks to when he works out at the Y.

Tess getting splattered, look at the air she's getting.

Always together, these two.

When did my baby boy get so big?!

Lydia and friend looking cute.

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Nicki said...

THANK YOU!! LOVE them! Crazy, that air!! So fun!!!! I don't think my kids have ever been *real* sledding before, isn't that sad?!

Now I want recital video!!!