Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The recital went well, it was in a church this time because the community center the teacher usually uses was already booked. The church was huge and a had a gorgeous and well tuned (LOL) piano. Kai did so well at his very first recital and Tess played like the old pro that she is having done this since age 7. Actually, she always gets a touch of the nerves, in the videos you can see how she's kind of hunched over due to being nervous but she plugged away and played beautifully. She was annoyed at herself for the few mistakes she made, because you know it is always perfect at home.

Kai doing his song, 'Chinese Dreams'.

This is their improvisational song, keep in mind, it is improv so there is not much melody just "noodling" as their teacher says. :)

Blogger won't let me add anything else so you'll have to wait to see Tess play solo.


Nicki said...

eeek! i'm so so happy you posted them! Kai is such a little man, a pro on the ivory!! I loved his bow! :) Tess looks SO grown-up. Ack, when did that happen? They did a really awesome job together. Very bluesy!!! I can't wait to see Tess' solo!

Heidi said...

amazing and talented children!! Holy cow!! I would never be brave enough to play in front of people!