Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter was nice, although the annual Easter egg hunt that is held at the Historical Village was kind of a bummer. Due to the frozen solid snow on the ground, they had to hold the event in the playhouse with eggs scattered all over the floor. Not very challenging this year, then we turned our eggs in to be exchanged for candy and stuffed toys. We were late so our kids only got bubbles and the rest of the picked over reject candy and no stuffed bunnies. Oh well, it's not like we needed more.

The kids loved their mama made bunnies and the crocheted ice cream cones were a hit also. Yay!
The easter egg hunt held in our own yard was more challenging and as it has been for the last few years....very COLD! The lake is still frozen solid so the Man took the kids out for a romp while the snow was coming down pretty hard. They were all intrigued by the broken ice waves but the man was too nervous to let them go inside.

Our trip was wonderful until we got home and everything turned to crap.
Monday: Return home from up north
Tuesday: Take the kids to Ikea to look for new silverware
Things are still good, right?
Here comes Wednesday: Upper right tooth that has been bothering me for a week has gotten much worse so I begrudgingly make an appt with a dentist. Go to dentist and find out I have several cavities, some under the old silver fillings, some in front, some in between. Also a really bad upper left tooth that died months ago can still be saved but it will take a root canal and a crown. Some other teeth need the root canals and crowns too. The cost will exceed $5,000. Oh good, what a bargain. Guess what? We can't afford that! We decide to pull the worst tooth, and after much twisting, turning and breaking, the tooth is out. The worst part of that was the numbing shot that went into the roof of my mouth. OUCH!
The rest of this day and the following two days are spent with me in pain, being grouchy and not so pleasant to my kids. This afternoon, the Man comes home and is nice to me and I tell him how rotten I feel, he sympathizes. I go to get the mail and see that the results of the lottery from the high school we really want the oldest girl to attend has arrived. I say a prayer to the universe and open the letter.
Hello, this is to inform you that your number is 360

It goes on to say that anyone with 1-135 will definitely be going to the school

The next group of 135-160 will be on the immediate wait list

The next group of 161 and higher (that's us, we're HIGHER, we're FREAKIN' 360) we're on the long term wait list. The list also known as the no chance in hell of ever getting into this school list. I am pissed, I would have loved to have had the damn luck just for once! just once!

Wasn't that a fun way to end this mighty crappy week? I think so too.


Anonymous said...

Those frozen wave pictures are crazy!!! I'm so sorry about the icky T word (I'm in the same boat but am hoping they all rot out and can be replaced by fake ones that I never have to think about again) and most of all about the school situation. Ugh. Maybe it is all leading you toward homeschool! :)

Miranda said...

What a rotten week, Jane. ((hugs))

Michelle R said...

Yes, a sad week indeed :(

Thank you for the update, I need Jane fixes once in awhile.