Sunday, March 30, 2008

I meant to post this on St. Patrick's Day, oh well, two weeks late it will have to be. In case you can't tell, that's a leprechaun on the right and a little bus friend for him to play with. I love it when the little man draws, he is getting more confident about his skills nowadays. He used to get so frustrated when pictures didn't come out the way he saw them in his head. I have another cute drawing he did for his big big sister with bunnies on it, I think I am going to try to embroider it on a canvas tote. If I can figure out how to transfer the drawing onto the fabric. I'm sure if I Google it, something will come up.

I've calmed down about the school situation, the open enrollment for our second choice school starts tomorrow. Not sure when we'll find out if she gets in there or not. I have been tinkering around with the idea of home schooling her and my daughter says she's willing to try too if we end up going that route, but I was worried about what my husband would say and he's totally for it so that's a relief anyway. My mouth, however, is still vexing me. It's still really sore and I have to keep taking Motrin to keep the pain at bay.


Stepping On Legos said...

Do you have dry sockets? If so, go in and have them (it?) patched up with clove oil. It only takes a second and the pain relief is instant and permanent. I could even do it without being sedated! haha.

Glad you are feeling better about the school.

That picture? ADORABLE! Noah is getting more confident with his pictures too which means a few forests have seen a quick death unfortunately! haha.

Michelle R said...

Love the picture! It's even green! Hope the school stuff works out for you soon!!

Anonymous said...

Thnking of homeschooling???? You know I am there for you !!!!