Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It occurred to me that I don't show pictures of
works in progress. That's usually because once I start something, I
just want it done and I think of nothing else. But I had some downtime in between making these bunnies so I snapped this shot. It took a bit of maneuvering to get a picture that doesn't show what an enormous mess is all around but I might have managed it. These two guys are waiting for their brother to be finished. I cribbed the design from a few bunnies I saw online, is that ok if you're just making them for yourself and not selling them? I hope so. Anyway, I haven't decided which kid gets which bunny. I was only going to make 2 because oldest girl has repeatedly stated that she has too many stuffed animals. But, I could not bring myself not to make one for her. Plus, I
think she may feel a little left out if she doesn't get one too. She's straddling that fence between childhood and teenhood and all that, right?

I *just* found out that my middle girl's teacher is retiring this year, she goes to a Montessori school and they stay in one class for 3 years. Well, this is my girls first year, so she is out a teacher. I am so so upset about this. We love her teacher, she has been teaching Montessori for over 20 years. UGH! I really don't want my daughter to have a brand new teacher next year. It's not that she can't adjust to a new teacher but the person they hire probably won't be as Montessori oriented. I'm not sure what we're going to do now. I'm already anxious about where my oldest is going to go for high school in the fall. Darn this school stuff, and the little guy starts kindy this September. That is going to be tough for me to handle, I think.


Muriel said...

This is really cool! I want to see more of these works-in-progress blog entries!

Michelle R said...

love the bunnies :)

missing you on the boards :(

randomsugarwords said...

Awww, those bunnies rock! I hope T get's a fantabulous new teacher next year, I bet they have such strict guidelines that it will be a perfect match for all the kids! Feel better, good luck at the Dr too! I see her next week too.