Thursday, March 20, 2008

I went on an vintage stuffed toy pattern buying spree last summer and ended up only making one thing so I decided to break them out and try again. I chose the animals on wheels pattern. Making the animals was the easy part, 3 pieces whipped stitched together and stuffed, I know how to do that. Here comes the hard part for me, attaching the wheels. The directions call for cardboard wheels that you make yourself, a 1/4" dowel, 4 small spools and 4 upholstery nails. Here is where I am totally stymied, the directions are all fairly clear (except the spool size where they just say "regular spool" huh?) but I can't seem to think ahead as to how this will work, so I've stopped. Plus, I need an ice pick or an awl to poke the holes in the stuffies to insert the dowels. I also decided to buy wooden wheels but they are much smaller in diameter than the cardboard wheels would be. So, I'm not sure where I'm going with that either.

Oh, and the other problem? The darn elephant is way too front heavy and it seems as though it will tip forward. I had to break down and ask the husband to help out with it. I hate doing that. He is busy with his own projects and I should be able to do this, it really doesn't seem that hard. Feh....

Here they are waiting to be pierced. Scotty needs a nose, eyes and his collar, Ellie needs her ears sewn on (which will make her even more front heavy) and her blanket sewn on, haven't decided what to use for that yet. I may use some bits of an old felted sweater I have laying around. Note the cute pattern pictures, their Ellie is curvier than mine. I hope she looks more elephantine with her ears on. Yes, I realize it is pure folly to make a wheeled toy with white felt. It was all I had for a scotty dog, brown just seemed wrong and I was out of black *and* grey. Note that Ellie is green, so I guess Scotty could have been a totally off color too. I am uphappy with the stuffing in their necks, it looks a little wobbly. hmmm...sorry to be such a whiner about this. I hope to like them better when I actually finish. Maybe this is another reason I avoid WIP posts?

I have been sticking with Weight Watchers much better this past week and I was happy to see a weight loss at my meeting yesterday. I forgot how much it helps just to write down and keep track of what I'm putting in my mouth. My first goal is to lose 10% of my beginning weight. I won't say how much that is, because any mathematical type will be able to figure out how much I weighed when I started this two weeks ago.

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