Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm so proud of my girl.

The ice show was a success. She was great, she went to every practice, every show (there were 4 performances) without complaint and she had fun and she was good in all 5 of the routines she was in. I think skating has been so good for her. Not only can she be athletic, but she can learn to be comfortable performing in front of other people. Which, for my self-conscious 13 year old, is very important. One of the coaches said he felt she really came out of her shell this year. I noticed that too. For instance, she was in a 'Thriller' routine with a ton of people and they had to do a lot of dance moves. You know the ones. Instead of trying to get lost in the crowd and barely doing the dancing part, she was putting in quite a bit of effort and was not hiding.

The pictures are from yesterday, we didn't get many good action shots on the ice. It's hard when your far away and can't use the flash.


Michelle R said...

How fun! She looks great Jane! Glad all her hard work paid off!! You have a right to be very proud!!
WTG L!!!

Anonymous said...

awww, I'm proud of her too! What an awesome experience! I love her outfit too!!!